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The Wolf's Hour


Robert R. McCammon



The Wolf's Hour is quite an intriguing, if not somewhat unevenly paced thriller.  Kind of a spy thriller, yet it's also a werewolf story.  Got to love a combination like that!  This is the story of Michael Gallatin, master spy for the British, and also a werewolf.  Michael has received word of a terrifying secret weapon the Nazi's are planning to use against the allies on D day, and it is up to him to unravel the secret puzzle of Iron Fist and destroy the Nazi plan.  What a horrifying plan it is, too!  There are some great flashbacks to Michael's past, giving some great insight into the werewolf side of him.  The story starts of with a bang, as seems to be the norm for McCammon, hooks you from the start.  The only problem I had is that it lagged a bit in the middle.  Lots of action at the beginning, lagging in the middle, and ending with lots more action.  Not quite my favorite pace for a story, but it was still successful and a great read!  If you like Spy Thrillers, Werewolves, and even a touch of romance, then this is the book for you!