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Jare's Horror Pages


For as long as I can remember, I have been a huge fan of Horror. Be it ghost stories told around a campfire, a good scary movie, or a horror novel, I love it all! As a kid growing up, my two favorite shows on television were Commander USA, and Saturday Nightmares, both on USA network! Practically all day on Saturdays, I could watch horror flicks... and watch them I did! 

As much as I do love movies, I have to admit that my true passion lies in reading. Nothing compares to the feeling I get from holding a paperback in my hands, sitting all comfy in my recliner, and escaping to the author's world. I read a lot of spooky books growing up, but the first one that can really be called Horror would have to be Stephen King's Pet Semetary. I read that when I was 11 years old, and I have not put a book down for long since then.

These pages are dedicated to my passion for reading (and sometimes watching) Horror. Now, I'm not one of those that is a stickler for over-categorizing things, so you may see some novels here that some may consider "suspense" or "thrillers" or even "gothic" or "fantasy."  Personally, I don't care. If I like it and it has some elements of Horror, then as far as I'm concerned, Horror it is!

Who, I hear you ask, is my favorite author? Hard question to answer. Can't say that I have a definite favorite, although if I had to chose, the three tops on my list would be Michael Slade, Stephen King, and Clive Barker!  But picking favorites is always so unfair. Of course, I may favor those authors, but there are so many I haven't read, and so many I have read but haven't had the time to obsessively re-read as I have those three... great authors like Anne Rice, Douglas Clegg, Todd Hayes, Robert McCammon, Brian Lumley, Dan Simmons: I could go on for ages. In fact, that's probably what I'll do here... just go on and on and on about my favorites!  Be sure to check out all the great links I post here.. a lot of great sites dedicated to this subject.

I have found an online community that fits my fancy just fine. Check out Horrorlit to see just who this community is. If you like reading horror, then I would highly recommend joining this great group of people!





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