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Anne Rice


The Witching Hour, the first novel in Rice's Mayfair Witches trilogy, is a long tale of a family of witches that spans over thriteen generations.  This is mainly the story of Rowan, the current Witch and heir to the immense Mayfair Legacy, who upon the death of her adopted mother, learns of her family and history.  She returns to her family's home, New Orleans, and not only meets her family, but learns all about the history of the Mayfair Witches and of "the man", a strange ghostlike being that has been sighted with the witches for centuries.

Rowan and her new husband Michael soon learn just how real "the man" is and the end result has Rowan in a battle for her very soul with this being called Lasher.  In retrospect, this story was very good, very interesting.  But getting there was a long painful road.  The book is, as I've said, very long.  And making it to the end was a painful task.  Sorry to say, but I just did not care for this novel.