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Bookrings and Bookrays


brief descriptions and a list of the rings and rays I have going...



Just what are bookrings and bookrays?  Good question.  One I had to ask as well when I first joined bookcrossing.  They are great, that's what they are.  As you can see, we bookcrossers love to not only share but to receive and well, just plain read, however we can get a book!  So there is a forum dedicated to bookrings and bookrays where we post what we have to offer and others sign up.  In a nutshell, a bookring is a book sent out by somebody to be shared and passed on to others on a set list, ending back where it originated.  A bookray goes on perpetually.  I have started a few of these myself, so here they are for you to see and track the progress of if interested.


My bookrays:

Resurrection Dreams by Richard Laymon currently en route to Texas


My bookrings:

Hello Darling, Are You Working? by Rupert Everett currently TBR in Spain


Santa Steps Out by Robert Devereaux currently TBR in France


Hellborn by Gary Brandner currently TBR in France


Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Garner currently TBR in New Jersey


Come Out Tonight by Richard Laymon currently en route to New Jersey


Freaks by Daniel P. Mannix currently TBR in Michigan


Funland by Richard Laymon currently en route to New Jersey


To Wake The Dead by Richard Laymon currently TBR in Wisconsin



MY BC Bookshelf