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Resurrection Dreams


Richard Laymon



Melvin Dobbs was a tormented soul in high school.  He had no friends, and was always being picked on.  The only person who was ever nice to him in the least was Vicki Chandler.  But even Vicki realizes just how strange and dangerous he can be when he tries resurrecting a cheerleader's dead body!  Melvin spends many years in institutions, and Vicki goes off to medical school to become a doctor.  Years later, Vicki is a doctor and has decided to return to her hometown to practice.  Things seem a bit strange around her, though.  Melvin is out of the institution, for one, and it seems that people are dieing all around Vicki, or are they?  Melvin has a diabolical scheme, now that he has perfected the art of resurrection, to make Vicki his once and for all.  Join Vicki as she struggles for not only her dignity but her life, in this delicious Laymon tale!  As is his norm, Laymon will hook you to his prey (err.. I mean characters), reel you in, and you will be captivated, not able to move or put the book down until the very end!  This was only the third Laymon novel I have ever read, but I already consider him one of my all time favorite authors!