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I regret the fact that I never discovered Richard Laymon's work until after his untimely passing.  "One Rainy Night" was an excellent book!  Not for the weak at heart, though.  Very graphic in his depictions of violence and sexual violence, if you can't handle gore, then Laymon is not the author for you.  Aside from his no-holds barred violence, the greatest thing I've noticed in the two books I've read of his so far is his character development.  His characters are very rich and vivid.

This is a very fast paces and tense novel.  The story (all 410 pages of it) takes place in the span of one evening.  The small town of Bixby is hit by a strange, warm, black rain.  Those caught in the rain are suddenly overcome by extreme Rage and the desire to kill and maim.  Those not affected by the rain are left to fight for their lives, in many cases against angry mobs!  What is causing the black rain, and how can it be stopped?  You'll just have to read the book to find out!