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August 2002


August was quite a month for me.  A lot of things happened, most of them not so good. My grandfather died, which was (and still is) quite hard for me to deal with.  That was the biggest event of August, and something that I am still working through.  Went to Denver for his funeral, and saw family members whom I have not seen in ten or more years.  Saw my brother for the first time in ten years, and that was awkward, but also a good thing.  We have been talking on the phone on and off for a few years, mending things between us, so now we have that hard first visit over and done with.  It was great seeing everyone, just a shame that I waited until such dire circumstances to do so.


Things are going really well with Les and I.  Les went to Texas for 2 weeks to see his family, and during that time, we both realized that we wanted much more from one another than we have been giving/getting.  So, for now, we are spending time just with one another.  Time with other guys will, I'm sure, return, but for now, we're getting "re-acquainted" with one another, so to speak.



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