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This was the 5th and final installment in the original Necroscope series.  Again, I am in amazement of Lumley's craft, and owe him lots of thanks.  Deadspawn was an awesome tale, a tale of a crazed murderer on the loose, one who is doing things to his victims that have not been seen since the last of the Wamphyri.  E-Branch is on the case, and they yet again ask our hero, Harry Keogh, Necroscope, to help them out.  Harry has also been asked by some of the dead, so of course, he will oblige and do his best to find the killer.  But Harry has problems of his own.  His battle with Janos Ferenczy recently has left Harry scarred.  The teeming dead sense a change in the Necroscope, one that is unforgivable and are now not on speaking terms with him.  E-Branch has picked up on this change as well, and just may be moving in on Harry.  It appears as if, after destroying this monsterous killer, Harry Keogh has no choice but to flee this world and return once again to Starside, the world of the Wamphyri.  Far worse things await Keogh on Starside, however, and the result is the final stand of Harry Keogh against the Wamphyri, a stand to save humanity from the absolute worst threat possible.