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Deadspeak, the fourth installment in Brian Lumley's Necroscope series, was a great tale.  Yet again, Lumley has managed to capture the reader's attention with the horror of the Wamphyri.  This time, Janos Ferenczy, Faethor's second "son", is back from a long rest, and ready to reek havoc upon mankind!  Janos is a great telepath and has some dark arts of his own that are far worse than anything we've seen the Wamphyri use before.  He has the power to bring legions of the dead to his own beck and call.  The only man alive who can stop this beast is our old friend Harry Keogh.  But there's a catch.  Harry has lost his Deadspeak, the ability to speak to the dead, as well as his grasp of the Mobius continuum!  So in order to regain his powers and defeat Janos, Harry must first open his mind and trust to the great, evil Faethor!  What a great addition to an already near-perfect set of stories!  I can't wait to start the next one!