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Memnoch the Devil


Anne Rice


Memnoch the Devil, the fourth novel in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, is a new kind of Vampire story.  It's not really a vampire story, except for the fact that everyone's favorite anti-hero, Lestat is the main character.  The story is gripping and very thought provoking, to say the least.


Lestat is being stalked by some being that he knows is neither human nor vampire.  Eventually this being makes himself known to Lestat as Memnoch the Devil, aka Satan, aka Lucifer, et al.  Memnoch wants Lestat to become his ally in his war against God, and takes Lestat on a journey with the tale of creation, one far from anything we mortals have ever even imagined. Lestat is torn as to whether he should serve Memnoch, God, or just continue to live his life as he has been.


This novel has by far, my favorite take on Christian ideology.  It is one that I think everyone should read and ponder over, whether they have read other Vampire Chronicles or not!