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The mailman was my first trip into the world of Mr. Little.  It was quite a ride, and now the only thing it has me wondering is "why did I wait so long?"  Little was always, in my mind, lumped together with Saul and Koontz:  horror writers whom I have not read and don't really have an interest in.  No longer.  I loved this book!  Typical good/vs. evil struggle, but this one involves the towns high school English teacher and the evil entity known only as The Mailman!  A small town's mailman, the guy everyone knows, friend to all, suddenly commits suicide.  From there, it all goes downhill.  His replacement seems very quiet and just a little bit weird.  Then strange things start happening with the mail.  People are not getting any bills, and seem to be getting a high amount of letters from long lost loved ones.  Now, that all seems good, but of course, that doesn't last.  The townsfolk are now starting to get some bad mail.  Mean letters from friends, cut off notices for the bills they never received.  At the heart of all of this seems to be The Mailman.  It seems as if the postman has plans for all of the townspeople, as one by one, they fall prey to his madness.