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Julee Cruise Discogography


Floating Into The Night

    Released: September 12, 1989


  1. Floating

  2. Falling

  3. I Remember

  4. Rockin' Back Inside My Heart

  5. Mysteries Of Love

  6. Into The Night

  7. I Float Alone

  8. The Nightingale

  9. The Swan

  10. The World Spins

Angelo Badalamenti:  piano, synthesizer

Vincent Bell: electric guitar

Julee Cruise: vocals

Eddie Dixon: electric guitar

Kenny Landrum: synthesizer

Albert Regni: Clarinet, sax


The Voice Of Love

    Released: 1993


  1. This is Our Night
  2. The Space For Love
  3. Movin' In On You
  4. Friends For Life
  5. Up In Flames
  6. Kool Kat Walk
  7. Until The End Of The World
  8. She Would Die For Love
  9. In My Other World
  10. Questions In a World Of Blue
  11. The Voice Of Love

Angelo Badalamenti:  piano, synthesizer

Vincent Bell: electric guitar

Jerry Brown: drums

Julee Cruise: vocals

Reggie Hamilton: bass

Jim Hynes: trumpet

Nick Kirgo: guitar

Kenny Landrum: keyboards

David Lynch:

Sammy Merendino: drums

Tom Ranier: keyboards

Albert Regni: sax

Grady Tate: drums

Buster Williams: acoustic bass


Other Works


Here are some other songs I know of that Julee has done.......


"Summer Kisses, Winter Tears" -- from the "Until The End of the World" soundtrack

"Artificial World" w/The Flow -- from the "Scream" sountrack

"Drown Disco" w/Moby

"If I survive" w/Hybrid

"Wired for Sound" w/B(if)tek

"Body Dump" w/Khan




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