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I waited a very long time to get to read this book.  It was originally scheduled to be published in the us in 2001, but due to 9-11, publishing was pushed back.  so like a good little boy, I waited another year to read the book.  As with any of Slade's books, this was so very worth the wait!  The mounted are out to save the day again.  This time, DeClerq and his team are out to discover why an ancient mummy has been stolen, and why several bodies with surgical cuts are washing ashore.  they are up against an old and dangerous foe, and as always, the stakes are high.  this was in every aspect, a typical Slade novel!  This time, the evil foe has a plan of immortality cooked up, one that is just so gruesome it can turn the stomach of seasoned cops such as Chandler and DeClerq.  And just wait until you realize just who the foe is!  


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