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Servants of Chaos was my first, but definitely won't be my last novel of D'ammassa's!  This book was so much fun!  Don had recommended that I read this book when I had posted to a newsgroup about wanting to find more Lovecraftian stories.  Well, I can see that Lovecraft was quite he influence for him.  The story itself is a mythos type tale, dealing with one of Cthulhu's many cohorts.  The writing style itself made me feel as if I were reading a brand new tale by the master of the macabre himself, namely, H.P. Lovecraft.  After reading this novel, one can only assume that D'ammassa has drawn considerable inspiration from Lovecraft.

This is the story of a small town that seems, on the surface, to be your average small town.  Don't look too deeply under the surface, though, for Crayport is much more than it appears to be.  Don't pay any attention to the blank stares of the residents, or to the strange webbed fingers many people sport.  In fact, don't pay much attention to anything, just keep on going and don't look back.  Something lurks underneath the town of Crayport, something ancient and evil, something that is just waiting to take hold of it's next victim!