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Jennifer WIllbanks will forever be better known as the Runaway Bride.  On April 26, 2005, she disappeared, just 4 days before her wedding, creating a media frenzy.  Of course, the fiancÚ became suspect numero uno, and all anybody could think was that she was dead.  Then, on April 29, she surfaces via Greyhound in Albuquerque, NM where she calls her husband and then later 9-1-1 with a fantastic and terrifying tale of being abducted and carried across the country, being sexually assaulted all the while.  Turns out all of that was a bunch of BS, she was just overstressed and used that as an excuse to cost millions of taxpayers plenty of dough.  So she's back home now, apparently still in love and loved by her fiancÚ and set to marry sometime in the unforeseen future.


What, pray tell, is my point?  Well, I have decided to start releasing wedding/bridal romancey type novels at the 7-11 payphone where she made the phone calls.  Here are the books that myself and others have released:


Secrets of the Tycoon's Bride

The Bride's Escape  

Bride's Protector 

Dolores Claiborne

Rose Madder


Prairie Bride  

Rancher And The Lost Bride

Found: One Runaway Bride

Nobody's Bride

Runaway Wedding

Marriage At A Distance

Brides of Christmas

Promised Brides

Bride Of Spring

The Blushing Bride

The Mail-Order Brides 

The Notorious Marriage