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Believe it or not, Blood Moon is actually a wilder ride than the first, Black Moon!  Poppy Z. and her entourage are out and about again, and what a cast of characters we have.  Vampires, werewolves, werewolf/zombies, zombies, witches, ghouls, gargoyles, hell-rats, immortals, and werebears, oh my!  Those are just a small handful of the colorful characters we are given in Blood Moon! 

The story picks up six months after we last visited Poppy Z and crew.  Somebody has put a contract out on the heads of Poppy and her family, and all hell (literally) is about to break lose as she races to save her brother from bounty hunters and unravel the mystery of the contract and the numerous witches who are turning up dead.  With the help of Midnight the cat, Romo the Immortal, and a slew of other allies, Poppy gets to the bottom of things and helps to save our beloved world once again!

Blood Moon is a clever mix of thrills, chills, romance, and humor.  I thoroughly enjoyed this second foray into Poppy's world. If you enjoyed Black Moon, then this is just what you have been waiting for!