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Necroscope II


Brian Lumley


A book review by



Vamphyri, the second book in Brian Lumley's Necroscope series, is a terrific page turner! I just love Lumley's style! He has a way of slowly bringing you into the story, letting you get to know the characters, the scenery, and just as you are starting to get comfortable, pandemonium starts!  His mature, sensible way of handling bloodshed and gore is truly unique.

Vamphyri is full of the same elements that made the first book such a delicious treat.  We have the evil Wamphyri on the rise again, this time in a lower form of being.  Harry Keogh, Necroscope is still around, this time having to channel through his infant son, Harry Jr.  Thibor Ferenczy knew better than to leave all hope in Boris Dragosani. While Dragosani was still a teenager, Ferenczy left a part of himself in the fetus that was to become Yulian Bodescu.  Now Yulian is grown, and is starting to figure out the range of his strength and powers.  He begins to create others, with burgeoning plans to have his own army of Vampires.  Keogh, of course, cannot let this happen. He works closely with Alec Kyle, the new leader of England's INTESP to defeat Bodescu. Not only that, but the piece of evil that Ferenczy has left behind in the Cruciform hills in Romania that could someday resurrect him.  I won't give away all the great details of how it works out, but let's say that Harry does end up calling upon the dead for help yet again... or is it Harry that calls them?

A great element of Vamphyri is the history lesson we get.  We learn a great deal of Thibor's history, particularly his transformation into Wamphyri.  We also get a taste of Thibor's creator, Faethor's story, which is both ancient and fascinating.  The history takes us through the Crusades, and the reign of the Khans in Mongolia.

All in all, I was very pleased with Vamphyri.  Of course, this is one that can't be read alone.  One must read the Necroscope first. And there are eleven others to go after this one, so if you're not one for long drawn out series, then forget about this one.