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So here’s the deal.  Read and release a minimum of 12 horror novels in 2007.  I will also allow suspense, thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal romance, and horror soaps (ie Charlaine Harris, Kelly Armstrong), basically as long as the book has some sort of element of "horror" in it, I'll accept it.  Each month there will be a different theme that is to be read.   Plenty of books can fit in multiple categories, so you might want to plan ahead a bit so as not to be out of reads for an upcomming month (example:  most zombie novels could also fit into the end of the world category, so if you had only 2 zombie novels, might want to set one aside for that month).

This is a Read AND Release challenge, so the books will need to be read and released by you in the appropriate month.  Bookrings and bookrays do count (in the spirit of keeping them moving), but any other type of controlled release will not.   Note that I personally have a 100 page rule on books, if I make it that far and am still not liking the book, I give up.  If you attempt to read a book, and make it part-way through and just aren't enjoying it, well, I'll count that as a read (no need to be unhappy and struggling to get through a book).

There will be three prizes awarded in January of 2008.  Participants will get one entry for each month they complete.  

Bonus entries:  

1: If you read and release more than one book for any given month’s theme, you will get one entry per book.  

2: In the spirit of “keeping them moving”, you will get DOUBLE entries for any books you read and release that came from other bookcrossers (but rings and rays won’t fall into the double point category). 

3: Reading and releasing any of the "suggested titles" below marked with an asterisk (some of my favorite books) will earn double entries as well.


First Prize:  $30.50 BC gift certificate

Second Prize:  $10.50 BC gift certificate

Third Prize: wings for a month


(click on each month to see a list of suggested books)

January - Dual themed because my first choice is a bit hard:

                School theme (the holidays are over, school is back in session)

                End Of The World Theme (beginning of a new year, why not 

                read an end of the world book?)

February - Zombies (observation of George A. Romero's Feb. 4 birthday)

March - Gaia's revenge: animals, nature (observation of Earth Day,                                         March 20)

April - Werewolves or other woodland legends (observation of 

                Hans Christian Andersen's April 2, 1805 birthday)

May - Witches (observation of May Day)

June - Fire theme or title (summer is here, which for many means 

                the beginning of wildfire season)

July - Cults, religion gone mad/bad (observation of Friday The 13th)

August - Psychopaths/cannibalism (observation of serial killer Ed 

                Gein's Aug. 27, 1906 birthday)

September - Ghosts/demons/sprits (observation of Taiwan's National Ghost Month)

October - Halloween free-for-all, any theme will do!

November - Vampires (observation of Bram Stoker's Nov. 8, 1847 birthday)

December - Monsters/aliens (observation of Ozzy Osbourne's Dec. 

                3 birthday)


Have fun, enjoy the books, and let’s see how creative we can be with the themes… themed releases for themed reading would be awesome (and, I might be compelled to offer an additional prize for the most creative release)!

Please post in this thread if you are interested in signing up.. I will accept entries throughout the year, but I will not back-date entries, meaning if you sign up in April, you will not get credit for books that you read/released the previous months.




Suggested titles:


January -  School: The Night Class by Tom Piccirilli, Carrie by Stephen King, The Night School by Michael Paine, Summer Of Night by Dan Simmons*

                  End Of The World:  The Stand by Stephen King*, Swan Song by Robert M. McCammon, Monster Island/Monster Planet by David Wellington, '48 by James Herbert, Xombies by Walter Greatshell, Stranger by Simon Clark*, Cell by Stephen King,

February - Monster Island*/Monster Planet by David Wellington, Dead Bitch Army by Andre Duza, Risen by J. Knight,

March - Cujo/Pet Semetary by Stephen King*, The Quake by Richard Laymon*, Fluke/The Rats/Domain/Lair by James Herbert, Storm Of The Century by Stephen King, Slugs by Shawn Hutson, The Bridge by John Skipp and Craig Spector,

April - Animals by John Skipp and Craig Spector, Beastnights by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro*, The Howling (trilogy) by Gary Brandner, The Silver Wolf/The Wolf King/Night Of The Wolf by Alice Borchardt, Melanie Jackson's Goblin romance novels, Werewolves edited by Martin H. Greenberg,

May - The Witching Hour by Anne Rice, Wither/Wither's Revenge/Wither's Legacy by John Passarella*, Speaks The Nightbird by Robert M. McCammon, Black Moon/Blood Moon by S.J. Gaither and Michael Canada*,

June - Fireworks by James A. Moore, Firestarter by Stephen King, Firelands by Michael Jensen, Black Fire by James Kidman, Hellfire by John Saul, Firefly by Piers Anthony, Burnt Bones by Michael Slade*

July - The Red Church by Scott Nicholson*, Carrie by Stephen King, Moon by James Herbert, Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin, Dark Channel by Ray Garton,

August - Slob by Rex Miller, Endless Night by Richard Laymon*, anything by Michael Slade*,  Red Dragon/Silence Of The Lambs/Hannibal by Thomas Harris*, Off Season/Offspring/Stranglehold by Jack Ketchum,

September - The Harrow Series/Mischief/The Hour Before Dark by Douglas Clegg*, Darkness Tell Us by Richard Laymon, Naomi's Room by Jonathan Aycliffe, Kindred Spirit by John Passarella*, Family Inheritance by Deborah LeBlanc*, The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, Ring by Koji Suzuki,

October - Allhallows Eve by Richard Laymon, Halloween by Curtis Richards, Halloween II/Halloween III by Jack Martin, The Halloween Man by Douglas Clegg,

November - I Am Legend by Richard Matheson*, Salem's Lot by Stephen King*, The Traveling Vampire Show by Richard Laymon, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice*, The Necroscope series by Brian Lumley*, Live Girls by Ray Garton*,

December - The Cellar*/The Beast House/The Midnight Tour/Flesh by Richard Laymon, Stinger by Robert R. McCammon, Servants of Chaos* by Don D'Ammassa, any H.P. Lovecraft collection,