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   Queen of the Damned


Anne Rice


A book review by Qpidboy


Wow! What can I say about this book? A lot of things could be said about it, but the word "wow" is definitely a great way to begin. Mrs. Rice's Vampire Chronicles just keep getting better and better. Queen of the Damned is so far my favorite of the three I have read!

The novel picks up where The Vampire Lestat left off, well, sort of. Lestat begins by telling us a little about that darn cliffhanger, but we don't really get to find out just what happened until about halfway through the book. It's ok, though, because the story we are led into will completely and totally enthrall you. Lestat has released his videos, book, and rock album, which have all become major hits around the world. This has Vampires the world over seething with anger and ready to kill him for divulging so many Vampire secrets to mere mortals.  With that as a backdrop to the story, a great mystery starts to unfold: The Legend of the Twins! Most vampires, as well as a few mortals start having these strange and haunting dreams about two beautiful, red-haired twins. We learn of the story in bits and pieces. Rice gives just a little bit at a time and makes you very hungry for more.  As this mystery unfolds, we also learn that Akasha, the Queen of the Damned has risen from her eternal slumber.  She quickly sets out destroying thousands of Vampires. Akasha has a plan, and a very monstrous plan it is indeed. Now it's up to Lestat, Louis, Gabrielle, and a handful of other vampires to figure out a way to stop Akasha and in turn save themselves and indeed humanity itself!

Sit back and be prepared to take a very wild ride. It's no wonder why so many Rice fans call this book their favorite. You will be on the edge of your reading chair the entire time, just dieing to know what happens next, to know what the meaning of the Legend of the Twins is. I highly recommend this read!