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Our story: a case of love at first sight!

written by Jarrod

OK, We have had a lot of you asking us for "our story"... how we met, when, where, etc... for those of you interested, here it is! This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


Les and I met on August 26, 1993, the day after my 20th birthday. We met in the small town of Portales, NM, where I was attending Eastern New Mexico University (well, sort of attending, anyways). I had gone to meet some new people that night. A lesbian couple I knew took me to a friend of theirs house, and that is where I met Les! From the moment he saw me getting out of the car, he turned to a friend and said "That is the man I'm going to marry!" As FATE would have it (and I DO believe that it had everything to do with Fate and nothing to do with "luck"), Les was just visiting Portales. He and some others had just finished dancing in the musical "TEXAS", and instead of going home to his grandmother's when it was done, he decided to go spend some time with the people he had danced with.
I was in a relationship when I met Les. This relationship was one of those that are doomed from the beginning. Things were not well there. There were lots of problems, communication being one of the main ones. Les and I hit it off instantly. I really really liked him, but would not "allow" myself to think anything more than a friendship was in the midst. I was in a relationship, after all, and was determined to make that work, no matter how miserable it was. Les knew that I was committed to making this work, so he didn't try to persue anything more than a friendship with me. We quickly became very close friends. We were always either on the phone or just hanging out. He spent a lot of time with my "lover" and I, and saw the way things were with drove him crazy, but he kept his mouth shut.
As is to be expected in small-town gay life, rumors started to fly about Les and I. Neither of us had any idea that these rumors were going on, though, until a party one night. I was there with my current "relationship", and he was giving me more attitude than usual. Finally, a friend of mine pulled me aside and told me that he was mad at me because he had heard the rumors. "What rumors?" I asked. She then told me that there were rumors that Les and I were having an affair! I could not believe it! Then she told me that Les had started the rumors! Boy, was I mad! I tried talking to my "guy", and he told me to just drop it and we'd talk about it later...I knew that meant that we would just sweep it under the rug, and that would be that. I stormed from the party, walking right past Les who was sitting on the porch. He, too, had just heard the rumors, and was devastated that I thought he was spreading them. The last thing he wanted was to hurt me, and he had NO part in these rumors.
About two days went by without any major events. Then, one morning, as I was getting ready for work, my boyfriend broke up with me. He told me that it wasn't my fault, blah, blah, blah... that he was the one who didn't know what he wanted out of life, and wasn't as ready for a relationship as he had thought. Why, I don't know, but I was really depressed by this. I hid myself away for a few days, and just sat around watching movies and stuff. Then one night, as I was sitting at home reading a Stephen King book I had just bought (it was "Gerald's Game"..... why I remember this, I have NO earthly idea), I got a call from a woman who lived next door to Les. She said they were having a party at her house, and wanted me to come over. I thought, "why not", and got a friend to take me over there.
I got to her house, and there was nobody there, but I did see a few people sitting on the couch in Les' house. I went over there, and spent the night talking with Les and his roommate..... and really enjoyed myself. It started getting late, and his roommate went to bed. The two of them had been acting strange all night, and when Les started trying to get me to stay the night "you could just crash here on the couch, if you want", I was convinced that he was trying to hook me up with his roommate, who I did not like. I excused myself and went home, after making plans to meet Les to plan a party the next morning. Boy, was I flustered! Here was this guy that I REALLY liked, and as far as I knew, all he wanted from me was a friendship.


We met the next morning, and talked all day long. We discussed the rumors that had been floating around, and decided that we would play a "joke" on everyone. I was to move in with him and share a room with him. We would "pretend" to be a couple, and make everyone believe it. We spent the next 2 1/2 weeks doing this. We held hands around the house and at friend's houses, we sat next to one another, as close as we could, we called each other "Babe"! We even slept in the same bed, and that was the closest to pure hell I've ever been!
One night, we took a "romantic" walk on a deserted country road. The sky was clear, it was a full moon, and, well, it was very romantic. We walked and talked, and the both of us wanted nothing more than to grab the other and hold him in his arms, to confess our true feelings. That night will remain in my mind forever, it was both beautiful and sad.
Finally, early on the morning of October 1, we were sitting in bed just talking (we had done a lot of talking over this period of time), and we somehow came to the subject of "us". We both confessed that we really did love one another. A huge weight had been lifted off of our shoulders. Now we could truly be honest with one another! We were in love and were able to face it and act on it! Things started to get a little "heated", and we both thought that we should wait, not to rush into the "sex" thing, so we went to sleep.
We didn't "wait" too long. We made love for the first time, late that night. I won't go into all the specifics of it, but let's just say that 10 hours later, we took a shower and went to get some breakfast!


Now that we were a "real" couple, we decided we would tell everyone the truth about the "joke". Funny thing was, nobody would believe us....we were either really really convincing, or people could just see that we were meant to be.
Things didn't go too well that next month. "We" were just fine, but our surroundings got worse. People didn't stop with the rumors, they got meaner with them. We spent so much time high on pot, it was pitiful. Things were getting way out of control, so instead of facing the problems in front of us, we ran. We moved to West Texas to live with his grandmother. We only told a few people that we were leaving. It may not have been the best of decisions, but it was the one we made.
We lived with his grandmother for a little over 4 months, then moved into our first apartment. Oh, we were so happy to finally have a place of our own, just for the two of us. We worked, paid the bills, came home, and just spent as much time together as we could. From the apartment, we moved into a big house, then to a smaller house. We started having financial troubles, so we moved back in with his grandparents to catch ourselves up, and to help them out.
Shortly after moving, we were in a car accident. Les hurt his back really bad, and spent the next year in and out of physical therapy. We did not like the town we were living in, so when his insurance settlement from the accident finally came in, we moved across the state to live with his mother. Well, we stayed there for a while, then finally found a decent house to rent....and we're still here, two years later. It is so wonderful having a place of our own, and not being so "nomadic".
We don't like this town, and are wanting to move. We will, eventually. Until that time, we make the best of what we have. We are still VERY in love, and that love grows a little more every day.
The rest (and the best) is yet to come................
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