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my links!


Be sure to check this page frequently for updated links to some of the hottest places to visit on the web!!

My Favorite Sites

IMDB - the Internet Movie DataBase!  This is like our Bible!  You can find out ANYTHING you want to know about a certain movie, actor/actress, director, you name it, they have it!!

Topica - This is a great email discussion site. I used to use Yahoogroups religiously, but Yahoo has been making things so difficult and quite painful for their users, I'm slowly moving everything over to Topica!



POLYAMORY Links  - A fantastic resource site for the Poly community

Loving More - Polyamory Headquarters

Our Little Quad: Polyamory for the practical



Friend's Pages

Holly's Site - Our good friend Holly's pages, full of her stories and journal entries 


Gay stuff - Probably the single most useful gay portal out there.

Planet Out - Another great gay site.

Out In Albuquerque - A great local gay portal

Out In America - Will link you to many other local gay portals

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