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A book review by Qpidboy


Have you ever picked up a book and from the beginning been so engrossed and transfixed that it was almost painful to put it down? Well, Interview With The Vampire is one of those books for me. As of this writing, it is the only Rice novel I've read all the way through, and I have done so twice. This is a fantastic novel. A tale of a vampire, in his own words, as told to a reporter. Full of romance, passion, devastation, and the occasional sparkling of hope. 

Rice's rich, languid prose is what captivates you from the start. The words just flow from the pages like the richest French vanilla ice cream on a sweltering hot summer afternoon. The novel starts out with Louis, our Vampire, talking with a young reporter about the tale he has to tell. Of course, the reporter is doubtful that Louis is truly a vampire, or that vampires even exist, but is set straight on that matter very quickly. Then Louis begins to tell the tale of his life, starting out with the desolation and despair his life had been full of as a human, and going into detail of his becoming a vampire, his life with his "master," Lestat, the vampire Claudia, and their lives in New Orleans in the 1800's.  We are then thrown into betrayal and deceit, and taken into Eastern Europe, in search of more vampires. From there, the story goes to Paris, where tragedy and heartache are experienced.

Throughout the novel, we journey with Louis through his struggle to find the meaning of his existence, the differences between good and evil, and even the search for God or the Devil.

Interview With The Vampire is the first in a series of many, The Vampire Chronicles. A very touching and addicting beginning to what is sure to be an epic series of novels.


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