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Yet again, the late great Richard Laymon has wowed and scared the shit out of me!  Each Laymon I read suddenly becomes my favorite, and this one is definitely no exception.  Funland is one hell of a great ride!  Welcome to Boleta Bay, a cozy little beach town, ideal spot for a nice summer vacation.  Stroll the quiet neighborhoods, feel the ocean breeze, walk the beaches, or enjoy the boardwalk called Funland.  Rides, eats, games, it's all there.  But lately, Boleta Bay isn't quite the nicest place to be.  People are disappearing.   Convinced that the homeless "trolls" around Funland are to blame, a gang of teens set out to exact revenge.  It starts out simple enough... get the trolls, teach them a lesson, and drop them off at the edge of town.  But things never stay the same, do they?  Their "lessons" get harsher and things really start to heat up as things get closer and closer to the abandoned funhouse.  Once we get to the funhouse and start to unravel the mysteries behind it, the real action and carnage begins!  Funland is full of gore, sex, action, and plenty of Laymon's trademark "on the edge of your seat" suspense and chills.  If you have a chance to get this book, don't pass it up.  A very highly recommended read, but as with other Laymon books, this is most definitely NOT for the weak at heart!